Friday, June 8, 2007

Another Plane Of View

As I have mentioned before, many times we view things on one plane of thought as we see them, without considering or imagining another view point. For example, the two video's (lower bottom on left) of ship's encountering heavy sea's. It is one thing to try and understand what it looks and feels like from the ships point of view or from the air looking down. Its another thing to see it from shore side.

This video is of a passenger ferry departing its port in New Zealand. This vessel is approximately 600 feet long. Watch the waves effects on this vessel and how the ship interacts with the waves from a shore-based point of view.

Consider now, the mechanical stress factors that these waves are placing on this ship and the emotional stress on the crew and passengers.
I can tell you that it took a strong Master and Crew to pilot this vessel under these conditions. Of course the passengers, I am sure had one heck of a ride.

Now imagine a 44 foot sail boat encountering these waves!

On the weather front in the Northern Illinois region last night;

Chicago got spared from much of the T-Storm damage last night.Though wind gusts, three miles offshore were reported at 60+ MPH and downtoen at 53MPH. But north and west of the city did not fair so well. There were reports of a tornado, funnel clouds, hail, downed electrical wires, downed trees and flash floods stretching from Lake, DeKalb, Ogle, McHenry, Winnebago and Cook Counties in Illinois. However, Wisconsin took a beating. In Langlade, WI the Bear Paw Inn was hit by a tornado and was totally devastated. There are no reported injuries or deaths with all accounted for.

Today the probability for widespread hazardous weather is low.