Monday, June 18, 2007

Nine Rescue's In One Day

I have been writing about the s/v Sean Seamour II and its crew that were rescued on 7 May 2007 by the USCG. But this was not the only rescue for USCG Elizabeth City, where they had one C-130 and 3 HH-60 Jay Hawks operational. There were actually six other boaters all rescued on the same day. In total there were nine rescues on this day for Air Station Elizabeth City and its USCG HH-60 Jay Hawk helicopter crews.

The way Subtropical Storm Andrea came in and caught everyone off guard I am surprised that more boaters were not caught in the storm . However, the s/v Flying Colours and its crew are still missing.

This video (USCG Imagery) is of the rescue of the three crew members of s/v Seeker rescued at 0730hrs, 7 May 2007, in the vicinity of Diamond Shoals, N.C.

On the Illinois wether front, its been pretty boring. But the weather has been just great! You know that the weather has to be pretty boring when the main talk on the storm chaser list-serves is "food" ...

Though Storm Chaser Matt Ziebell got some great shots of a super cell and shelf cloud approaching his offiice. Shortly after this photo was taken the Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) measured an outflow at 62MPH. No tornado though.... Great Shot Matt!

UPDATE 19 June 2007

Received an email from Matt Ziebell correcting my post on the 62mph outflow. Matt goes on to say the 62mph gust was inflow straight out of the east! When the shelf cloud passed, the outflow was around 70mph from the west. There were several large tree limbs that came down before the storm even hit.

NWS Glasgow MT