Friday, June 15, 2007

The Rescue of the s/v Sean Seamour II

I just can't get over the rescue operations that the US Coast Guard performed recovering the crew of the s/v Sean Seamout II. Just to recap, On or around 7 May 2007 the s/v Sean Seamour II was struck by a what is believed to be a "freak wave", during Subtropical Storm Andrea. The sailboat was broadsided by a wave that did an great deal of damage to the boat and sent the crew flying about the cabin doing 360's and causing its Master to break his ribs. The wave caused the sailboat to immediately list starboard.

After a harrowing time riding the waves a EPIRB signal was received by the USCG and a C-130 over fight located the wave riding crew. A J-Hawk Helicopter was dispatched to the area and launched a rescue swimmer, who injured his back during the insertion into the water, when a wave dropped from beneath him and he dropped some 50 to 70 feet. All of this done in 50 to 70 foot seas, with winds estimated at 80 knots.

This video was taken by the rescue helicopter of part of the rescue and though short its just amazing. Again the USCG Rescue Crew did an outstanding job!

I am adding a recent news article on the Gloucester-based dragger Grace Marie and its encounter with a rogue wave on 27 April 2007. Note the damage done to the steel hull by a wave. I have also added the latest reports (from cargolaw) on recent ships encountering rogue or freak waves. Again note the damage and injuries done to these vessels and crew by a wave.

  • Unidentified 32-foot fishing vessel, with crew of 3, was struck by wave causing damage to the vessel's bow and subsequent flooding approximately 45 miles east of Port Aransas, TX. A distress call was received by the crew of an offshore supply vessel who then relayed the message to the Coast Guard. A Coast Guard rescue swimmer and the boat's crew were able to pump water out of the vessel before it sank. A Coast Guard cutter escorted the vessel to Port Aransas for repairs. No injuries were reported. (Tues. June 5 2007)

  • High-speed 279-ton hydrofoil ferry Seven Island Ai , cruising 40 knots from Izu-Oshima Island to Kurihama Port with 207 passengers, struck by rogue wave off Kanagawa Prefecture, approximately 13 kilometers south of Jogashina Island in Miura, on May 19, causing smashed windows , significant flooding and 27 injuries. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. May 26 2007)

  • Passenger M/V Enez Sun, with 136 passengers & 7 crew -- struck by a massive wave off the coast of Brittany in western France May 19 -- 1 man & 1 woman swept off the bridge into the sea near Sein Island. The man broke his arm. They were fished alive out of the water by a trawler that had been alerted to the accident by the coast guard & airlifted to a hospital in the Brittany port of Brest. "We were on the deck, we were looking at the dolphins. We were very close to the island when a huge wave hit us from the side. The seats were ripped loose. I was very afraid," said a passenger. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Mon. May 21 2007)

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