Sunday, May 4, 2008

Special Edition - Back To Greensburg

May 4, 2008 Special Edition- Back To Greensberg

Greensburg Continues To Come Back To Life

Rather than blame God when a massive, ferocious tornado hit their tiny town almost a year ago, the people of Greensburg, Kan. turned to their faith to help get them through.

That, perhaps, sums up their can-do spirit and refusal to give in to adversity as well as anything else.

The Early Show continued its special weeklong series. "Tragedy to Triumph: Greensburg Rising" Thursday, we met a grandmother who suffered an unspeakable personal loss to the twister, but persevered by following her faith. We also heard from the pastors of two local churches about how they picked up the pieces -- literally -- left in the funnel's wide wake.

And it wasn't just people affected by the tornado. Their pets were, too. What became of them? We found out Thursday -- and heard from a man whose cats became his lifeline after his wife was killed by the twister -- the same day she'd finished chemotherapy for breast cancer.

We also saw the M*A*S*H*-like local hospital -- doctors needed somewhere to do their jobs after the funnel felled the building.

Among other highlights, a chat with Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius about Greensburg's remarkable comeback, a progress report on the playground being built all-green, and word on two New York City firefighters so moved by what happened to Greensburg that they went there last Christmas to help the town's 220 kids bring hope and inspiration back to their families and friends.

One of the firefighters is a 9-11 survivor, the other works in a firehouse directly across from Ground Zero.

Almost ever intersection in Greensburg has a star -- 220 in all -- each hand-painted done by one of the 220 kids who live there, and each with a personal message of hope, grieving, inspiration and love.

The firemen belong to the
New York Says Thank You Foundation, a relief organization started after 9-11. Each year, volunteers help communities hit by disasters, much as folks across the country helped New York after 9-11.

A Texas family who lost their home in a tornado in 2006 was helped by the New York relief group. That family, in turn, made each of the stars to be painted and brought them to Greensburg -- their way to "Pay It Forward."

The Faithful Keep The Faith -- And It Keeps Them

Pets Rescued -- And To The Rescue

Del Monte Foods gave the people of Greensburg 50,000 pounds of pet food. Firefighters To The Rescue

Greensburg, Kansas...A look back on this date....

Greensburg, Kansas

Greensburg needs your help with reconstruction.
Please send your donations to: Greensburg Rebuilding Fund
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Every dollar you donate will go to rebuilding our city.