Friday, August 3, 2007

Dream cruise to Vanuatu turns to 'holiday from hell

5:00AM Friday July 13, 2007
By Eloise Gibson

Passengers on a Pacific Star (video courtesy of tallpappy74 ) cruise were so ill as the ship was battered by storms off Auckland that they have been given free doctors' visits and $100 vouchers.

About 1000 passengers left Auckland on Tuesday for an eight-night cruise and were hit by the atrocious conditions.

People on board reported passengers being sick and damage to the boat by swells of up to 10m.

One passenger said the dream trip to Vanuatu had started like the holiday from hell.

P&O Cruises spokeswoman Sandy Olsen said some of the ship's external windows and doors, as well as its television satellite equipment, were damaged in the storm.

"It would have been an uncomfortable couple of days for the people on board," she said.

"As you can imagine, some people were unwell due to seasickness."

Conditions were so bad the ship has cancelled a planned stopover in Lifou, New Caledonia, and will head straight for Vila to make its scheduled Friday night stopover.

Ms Olsen said passengers would get $100 spending money and P&O would waive doctors' charges for those who needed medical help during the storm.

Here is an oldie but goodie. How would you like to see this type of wave coming at you? This the German cargo ship MV Taifun back in 1976, location the English Channel, searching for survivors of a sinking Russian ship. Hold on to your shorts!

Lastly this is a video of the M/V Napoli being split in two...

UK – update on MSC NAPOLI

The Devon County Council issued a Situation Update regarding the MSC NAPOLI. The bow section is at anchor offshore. An emergency towing bridal has been rigged. The stern section remains aground and is stable. Small amounts of oil continue to emanate from the two sections. (7/27/07)... Holland and Knight LLP

Maritime Notes:

Coast Guard Day – 2007

Tomorrow, August 4, 2007, marks the 217th anniversary of the adoption by Congress of legislation to establish a “system of cutters” to protect the revenue of the young United States of America. As indicated in Coast Guard History, other missions were added over the years and other agencies were merged to form the modern United States Coast Guard. Semper Paratus! Thanks Dennis!

Weather Story:

Typhoon USAGI
Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Typhoon Usagi swept across Kyushu, leaving at least 18 people hurt and bringing torrential rain to the southwestern Japanese island before weakening into a tropical storm. About 6,100 people were stranded by canceled flights.

Chicagoland weekend weather... HOT.. HUMID.. MUGGY, chance of T-Storms and great beach weather... Stay cool and have a great weekend!