Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UPDATED! NTSB Investigator Takes Issue With RPI Ethan Allen Report


I am just continually amazed. I have had a banter of emails from Ms. June Maxam the publisher of the North County Gazette
. Even insulting ones about my simple little blog. As Ms Maxam writes, "Considering your Blog has generated less than 250 views since its inception, obviously no one pays much attention to you" Kicks!

I guess my "no attenton blog" got hers! Ms. Maxam I follow the fair use clause in all my postings and have bowed to your requests though I should not have. So here is what I am going to do. I am going to take a very hard professional look into your report and publish my findings in both a major maritime journal and major local newspaper in your area. I am sure I will be able to get a little OPED space.

I am one who is very much concerned about maritime safety and I believe that this might be a very good case to take a look at and see what the actual facts are and how they have been reported. Moreover, the last communications with Ms. Maxam a so-called professional journalist was that she has blocked any further emails from me.

Just amazing.... I will keep you posted!

NTSB Investigator Takes Issue With RPI Ethan Allen Report


By June Maxam

Using data provided and generated by the National Transportation Safety Board, a professor and his students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have predictably endorsed the findings of the NTSB that instability, overloading and that alleged “rogue” wave caused the Ethan Allen to capsize on Lake George two years ago this month.

Read the rest of the report here without due threat of a law suit, NTSB Investigator Takes Issue With RPI Ethan Allen Report


I originally posted the entire article and linked to the writers site, thinking that my readers would be interested in this report. Let me be very clear here. This website is actually a hobby and I make no money on it what so ever. Its for educational purposes only. Its because of my love for the subject matter and nothing more than that. If I wanted to I could very well make this site a professional site. Not my style nor my wants. Nor do I really have the time.

Today I got a email from the author who seems to think she is some top flight investigative reporter and has a real attitude problem. It reads;

Mr. Storm:

Obviously you either failed to read the copyright notice on the bottom of my exclusive article which you lifted or else intentionally ignored it. You have engaged in copyright infringement and theft of my intellectual property, an exclusive no less, which is absolutely unacceptable and unlawful. My work is not yours for the taking. Please remove my work from your blog immediately or I will submit this to my attorney. The article was clearly marked copyright protected and exclusive. You did not ask for permission to reprint and it certainly was not granted nor did you compensate me for stealing my work and using it for your own purposes. You DO NOT have permission to use ANY of my work for your own purposes. Please advise when my work has been removed from your blog or you'll have a storm that you didn't forecast.

June Maxam
North Country Gazette

Well now first of all the copyright to this article is not even part of the article and yes I did miss it. But saying that, I am not a competitor and again all of the articles I post are for educational purposed only. I posted without comment since I wanted to leave it to my readers to come to their own conclusions. But since Ms. Maxam insists, so be it and of course I have a reaction.

Since I am a Master Salvor ( look it up Ms. Maxam) and Marine Engineer I have decided to take a serious look at Ms. Maxam's report. For accuracies sake.
If I do an investigative piece as I did with the s.v Sean Seamour II, of course I would be in direct contact with the people involved. Now I am getting involved in this report and will be checking with all parties.

I do not know what I will find and if I find in support of her report I will post such. I already have some concerns with her report and I will be checking with NTSB and the USCG for their side of the story.

Moreover if i find different, the Storm that Ms. Maxam will feel, will make a Typhoon look like a gentle sailing breeze.

I just dislike people with attitudes... Simply put Ms. Maxam, you get more with honey than threats...

Stay Tuned!

Maritime Note

Hijacking of the cruise ship ACHILLE LAURO On October 7, 1985, four terrorists associated with the Palestine Liberation Front took control of the Italian cruise ship ACHILLE LAURO in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Egypt. The terrorists, headed by Abu Abbas, demanded that Israel release 50 detained Palestinians. After the Israelis refused, the terrorists shot American passenger Leon Klinghoffer, who was disabled and wheelchair-bound, and then threw him and his wheelchair into the water. Egypt eventually agreed to give the terrorists safe conduct to Tunisia. US Navy fighter jets intercepted the flight and forced it to land in Italy. Nine years later (November 30, 1994) the ship was destroyed and then sank following a fire off the coast of Somalia.