Friday, October 12, 2007

Underwater Wi-Fi is here

Underwater Wi-Fi is here

Will help predict weather conditions, earthquakes

Anna Lagerkvist
11 Oct 2007 14:50 GMT

The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) has developed an underwater wireless technology that will help to accurately predict weather conditions, sea pollution and earthquakes.

The new wireless technology is said to be a vast improvement over traditional echo sound technology, which can only transmit data at a limited rate underwater. Originally developed for military purposes, the underwater wireless technology has been tested by the European Union to detect environmental changes in the sea.

Cheaper than echo sound

It could be particularly useful to accurately predict earthquakes, follow underwater weather patterns, and monitor sea pollution and climate changes. Using sensors at the sea bed, the wireless technology could also be utilised in oil and gas industry exploration, Tommy Öberg, director of research at FOI, told

The new underwater wireless technology is also cheaper than echo sound, Öberg said. The new technology is capable of transmitting images, movies and sound.
Maritime Notes

Attached is the latest Notice to Mariners Published by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Below is the link to the Notice to Mariners Web Page:

USCG Airboat on Lake St. Clair Ice