Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Taharoa Express

As we wait for the National Hurricane Center's report on Subtropical Storm Andrea. Another ship who suffered at the hands of mother nature was reported finally anchored at Tasman Bay, New Zealand.

The 902 foot NKK owned Taharoa Express (formerly known as the "Stellar Cape") a 140,000DWT ore/bulk carrier which was converted into a slurried iron sand carrier was listing some 14 degrees after its load of iron sand shifted while in rough sea about 42 nautical miles (78km) south west of Cape Egmont. Steady progress was being made to right the listing vessel as of this report. Since yesterday, the 25 member crew have been using pumps flown in from nearby Nelson to remove excess water contained in the vessel’s cargo holds. The water is used to help pump in the iron sand and is a normal part of loading operations. Additional pumps may be brought in to help speed up the process.

The pumping operation has so far resulted in the vessel’s list being reduced from 14 degrees yesterday to 12 degrees today.

As we have seen in video's posted on this blog of ship's encountering heavy seas. Wave actions can and do have mechanical effects on not just the ship's general arrangements and superstructure but especially on its cargo. Stress factors associated with these type of wave actions can do some great damage to large ships.

Now imagine a 44 foot sail boat encountering these tyoes of seas.