Friday, October 19, 2007

Freak Waves and Tornado's

My good friend and rogue wave expert Dr. Paul C. Liu has a very interesting story of a freak wave incident that happened in the Mediterranean Sea.

Its a sad story that I helped research for Paul. Its a reminder to all of us that the sea can be just as deadly no matter if your on a ship/boat or on the beach or rocky ledge.

We then head to my legal beagle friend Dennis Bryant for the latest legal news,
COGSA peril of the sea interpreted

In an unpublished opinion, the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled that an unforeseeable severe storm constituted a peril of the sea within the meaning of the Carriage of Goods at Sea Act (COGSA). In the instant case, plaintiff cargo owner had sued the shipowner for damage to the cargo while on board defendant’s ship. The evidence showed that the ship had experienced Beaufort 10-12 winds and seas for a full day and that the storm had not been predicted. Corus UK Ltd v. Waterman Steamship Co., No. 06-30205 (5th Cir., October 18, 2007).

Latest Notice to Mariners

Lastly, the plains yesterday experienced some more severe weather. From Oklahoma to Illinois to Kentucky to Michigan where we have reports of a tornado killing one person In Kalkaska County, Michigan.

Here are some clips...

Madisonville, Kentucky

Twister in P'Cola

Haunting weather sounds!