Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hurricane Flossie To Strike Hawaii - Pomaika`i Hawaii!

Hurricane Flossie is due to strike Hawaii sometime tomarrow afternoon.

The U.S. island of Hawaii has declared a state of emergency as Hurricane Flossie approaches the southern waters of the Pacific state. Flossie weakened on Monday from a Category 4 to a Category 2 storm.

But the U.S. National Weather Service says Flossie remains a "dangerous hurricane with a clear, well-defined eye." Forecasts say Flossie could come about 121 kilometers from Hawaii, the southernmost and largest island in the Hawaiian islands. Schools have been ordered closed Tuesday on the island.

(Photo by QuikSCAT)

From Jill one of our readers who resides on Oahu.

'I'm living hurricane Flossie....on Oahu. She's expected to pass by us sometime tomorro afternoon/evening. Should she make even a slight 1 to 2 degree turn north she'll dance across the top of us. I was at the beach with my camera about an hour ago...winds aren't much more than usual, 4 to 5 ft swells but I plan on going back down this evening and tomorrow morning as well as afternoon. "

Pomaika`i Jill and keep us posted!


Hawaii goes west infra red sector image

Ascending Pass (QuikSCAT)

The wind vector retrievals thought to be rain contaminated are colored in black. While not perfect, the MUDH rain flag appears to mark many of the suspect vectors in regions of probable precipitation, epecially in the tropical latitudes. Rain can contaminate the wind retrievals, especially in situations with moderate to heavy rain rates.

Descending Pass (QuikSCAT)

Pomaika`i Hawaii!

And if thats not all, we have;

Typhoon SEPAT heading for the Philippines

WAIT theres more! And we have;

Tropical Storm Dean...

[Image of probabilities of hurricane force winds]

Ooops almost missed one,

Tropical Depression FIVE

[full basin map of tropical cyclone activity]


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