Sunday, December 16, 2007

SNOW Chicago Update

This is an amazing storm system. Currently in Chicago we have approximately 3 to 6 " of snow. Winds are at 18 gusting to 22mph. Between Lincoln park and downtown we had near blizzard conditions.

Note the impressive snow bands on the radar at left. The darker green are more narrow but also more intensive snow bands.

These are so narrow that as of 00:15 this morning. O'Hare International Airport was reporting 2" of snow and Midway was reporting 6" of snow. Currently according to spotter reports snow totals for the Chicagoland area range between 3" to 6" with snow falling steadily and expected to continue until at least 0600.

Snow fall amounts are expected to range from 5-7" in the city, 5-9” northwest of the city to a foot or more in northwest Indiana.

This system is expect to merge with former Tropical Storm Olga and turn into a Nor'easter dumping a potential mixed bag on New England.

Pretty Chicago evening though! If you don't have to work in it...or drive in it!

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Stay dry and stay safe!

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